Idyllic Pixel - Creating things we enjoy!Oh My Doe - A beautiful mobile runner by Idyllic PixelPureRef - The simple reference image viewer by Idyllic Pixel

Who are we?

Idyllic Pixel is a tiny company located in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden.
We're two people building things together in our spare time.

Works as a tools programmer in the swedish games industry.

3D artist by trade, currently an artist in the games industry.

What do we do?

We want to make the world just a little bit better.
It might be through making your art process easier with PureRef
or giving you a new game experience, or something else entirely!

Here's what we have so far


A minimal stand-alone program for handling your reference images.

Oh My Doe

Mobile game in progress! Sign up for the newsletter to know more.

Where can I say hi?

What's next?

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